Terms and Conditions of US Visa Appointment Service

Usvisatoronto.com being a part of Visa Center is a private company which assists clients with US visa appointments at the American consulates. As a result you should receive from usvisatoronto.com Machine Readable Visa (MRV) transaction slip proving that government fee has been paid and your interview time has been set. We are not the government and we are not affiliated with any government agency. By sending your completed application to usvisatoronto.com you confirm that all submitted data is true and does not contain any misrepresentation as well as agree that Visa Center will act on your behalf with US government bodies, their agencies and private parties responsible for the matters of US visa appointment setting. Visa Center can not and does not guarantee a visa will be issued, as this is the sole prerogative of the US government. Visa Center does not bear any financial, legal or other obligations whatsoever for client ticket or other purchases, down payments, bookings or any kind of travel or other arrangements that were done prior to the issuance of visa or what may be affected by late visa appointment and processing times or denial of visa. Visa Center does not bear any financial (or otherwise) responsibility for issues arising from incorrect data submitted by you as well as errors and improper issuance of visas by US consulates for losses resulting from, and does not compensate for travel expenses arising from any of the above. In case the payment for our service has been done using the credit card not belonging to the applicant usvisatoronto.com will delay the processing till the time the applicant and payer prove that no credit card fraud is involved. If due to any reason you decide to cancel your application within 24 hours of its submission to us and we have not started processing it, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $99.98 and the rest of the paid amount will be refunded. The applicant (not any third party) must notify us about the decision to cancel by email from the same address used to file the application within 24 hours of such filing attaching filled out and signed order cancellation form. No refunds possible after 24 hours of your submission of the application to Visa Center through usvisatoronto.com due to any reason including but not limited by inability to provide requested information and/or documents, file abandonment, etc.

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